The Adult’s Challenge after the Tragedy in Orlando

I had a different #tbt planned, but once again my plans were thwarted by current events–this time at a High School in Florida where, as it stands now, seventeen people have lost their lives. It is not OK. We are failing. Please read through the full link–particularly parents who want to find a way forward in your conversation with your children. While the event in Florida is a school shooting, not a terrorist attack, it is yet another mass killing. I repost this recognizing these events are not at all parallel except that they represent stunning loss of life and that they present a unique challenge for parents and adults in lives of children. 

Ross All Over the Map

From CNN.COM June 6, 2016 From CNN.COM June 6, 2016

Last November I wrote a piece the morning after the Paris terrorist attack. (I have copied it below). Much of what I wrote seems sadly relevant to the Orlando attack at the Pulse Night Club where there were forty-nine victim mortalities and even more injuries, many critical. This latest attack is just that…the latest attack.  Even though it has its own very specific context—in Orlando, at a Gay Nightclub, a single attacker—it seems to be not only identified by its specific details and scale, but by the fact that it is the most recent. There is a growing resignation and accompanying corrosive angst that the next incident of mass murder is inevitable and not that far in the future. That combination—resignation and angst—does not serve us well. It diminishes us. As parents and as adults in the lives of young people we should rise to…

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One thought on “The Adult’s Challenge after the Tragedy in Orlando

  1. Tim Ludwig February 16, 2018 / 2:28 pm

    We are failing indeed.

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