Convergence and Permission: SUN and STAX and the Creative Community

For Throw Back Thursday this week (I am trying to get better at remembering to do this), I am posting one relevant to Memphis and its incredible musical legacy. I am particularly interested in how those of us in education might learn from the sort of rock and soul musical communities Memphis has witnessed. As an added bonus, don’t forget to click the Carl Perkins link at the bottom of the original post.

“Convergence and Permission are critical in the formation of a creative community. When a group of people has a shared space to come together and they have permission to uncover and reveal their gifts, the artifacts they leave behind are often astounding. Additionally, what can happen in those communities when the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, is electric. Seeing the topic from this angle reveals that those of us working in education have much to learn from what are essentially wonderfully successful learning environments where collaboration, engagement, and experimentation take root.”

Ross All Over the Map

“Artists, in fact learners of any kind, thrive in a supportive context and when given permission to experiment and collaborate.”


IMG_2200In June of 2015 my family and I moved to Memphis from Atlanta. In our brief time here we have tried to learn about our new town, and we have visited places that define it: Graceland, The Peabody Hotel, The Pyramid (home to the largest Bass Pro Shop in the world–you want it, they’ve got it…in Camouflage), and The Brooks Museum. The barbecue here deserves its own sentence of places worthy of a visit; The Rendezvous, Corky’s, Tops, Interstate (my current favorite), Central, Germantown Commissary, and Three Little Pigs. (I have always found that eating pork provides a bit of insight. If true, Memphians must have a lot of insight.)

Where so much of Memphis gets its real flavor, however, has to do with…

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One thought on “Convergence and Permission: SUN and STAX and the Creative Community

  1. Margaret Peters January 18, 2018 / 1:43 pm

    Loved it! Brightened up the whole day. Love, Mom

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