SGIS New Schedule Data: Powerfully Positive

In today’s post I am providing data from a recent survey we gave students, faculty, and parents at St. George’s Independent School regarding a new daily schedule we implemented this semester for students in grades 6-12. Without describing the new schedule in full, its key components include: longer classes (70 minutes) that meet less often and a significantly later start to the school day (8:30 a.m. start Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 9:00 a.m. start on Wednesday). Our goals were to unify our Middle and Upper School schedules, to provide opportunities for deeper, more engaged learning, and to improve student life and balance. In order to assess our progress at this stage of implementation, we surveyed students, families, and faculty. When over 90% of each of these constituencies reports that the schedule is an improvement over last year, it becomes resoundingly clear we are on the right track. The data provides tremendous support for the schedule and should provide us with additional momentum.
















A couple of notes:

  • We would like to have a larger sample size (though the data represents a strong sample size). We may extend the time the survey remains open when we next do a similar “pulse” survey.
  • We separately surveyed new students and families. I did not include that data, as it did not represent a different story-line from the data provided by returning students and families.


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