Lives Worthy of the Sacrifice: A Cum Laude and National Honor Society Speech

This post came back to mind for me today as we enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend. In particular I remembered this paragraph: “Throughout history and literature is the demand that we remember those who have sacrificed everything for others. Quite right—remembrance is an appropriate demand, but it is really only the least that we can do. The more vital statement of demand, and where this gets difficult, is to live a life worthy of the sacrifices others have made for us. The demand is to make something valuable from our blessings—our families, our education, our opportunities, and our faith.”

Ross All Over the Map

[What follows is a talk I gave last night at the Cum Laude and National Honor Society Induction  at The Westminster Schools. Past readers of the blog might recognize  some passages that have appeared on the blog before.]

Instagram Photograph from Pearl Harbor June 2012

It is a pleasure to welcome parents, friends, and most importantly this evening, students, to the Cum Laude National Honor Society Induction Ceremony.  The students here this evening have distinguished themselves in many areas of school life from the classroom to the stage and from community service to the athletic field. They have earned this recognition, and in myriad ways they have sacrificed for it.

Recently, I have been thinking a great deal about sacrifice.  If the students here this evening think only for moment, they will no doubt recognize the extraordinary sacrifice that others have made so that they might have the opportunity…

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