Links to Blog Entries Re: SCHOOL ENGAGEMENT

Two St. George's Second Graders looking very engaged and singly beautifully
Two St. George’s Second Graders looking very engaged and singly beautifully

[I have been writing and thinking a lot recently about the role that Student Engagement has to play in successful learning. In advance of a chance to speak to our parents and families on April 5th, I thought it might be useful to provide links to those earlier entries regarding this critical issue, as I will focus to a large degree on student engagement.]

STUDENT ENGAGEMENT: IT HAS TO COME FIRST— “Engagement, student engagement, comes first. It is Alpha. Without it, there is no traction for learning. With it, everything becomes possible.”

SEEKING OUT DEEP ENGAGEMENT“When partnered with a sense of PLACE and of CONNECTION, a culture of high expectations inevitably becomes a culture of deep ENGAGEMENT.” 

PRIORITIZING STUDENT ENGAGEMENT IN THE LIMINAL SPACE–“In education we have emphasized the importance of students listening to teachers, but we have often missed a key correlation between teachers listening to students and the students’ engagement in and ownership of their learning.”

ST. GEORGE’S AND SERVE901: A NEW PARTNERSHIP TO MEET AN OLD NEED–“We are not just charged to graduate students headed toward successful professions…we wish for them, and the communities in which they will live and serve, engaged lives.” 

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