How Summer Camp Should Inform School

I was reminded of this entry today and have been thinking of its relevance, particularly this sentence…”At a good camp one finds not only that there are things greater than oneself, but that one is a vital part of those greater things.”

Ross All Over the Map

Over the next couple of months, they will open up the musty storage sheds where they stacked the mattresses in mid-August. They will pull the canoes out to count and inspect even though the weather is not yet warm enough to spend much time on the lake before mid-morning. They will walk the docks with hammers ready to knock nails back into place after the Puck-like freezes and thaws that released them from their places. And they will paint—the dining hall, the gymnasium stage, the woodshop. They will face some ad hoc tasks too: pulling the bee hive from the under the eave of Cabin 8, evicting black widows from the softball field storage bin, rebuilding a lost cause stall door in the barn.

In the evenings they will be thinking about the people who are coming before the people who are coming have yet had much time to think…

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