St. George’s and Serve901: A New Partnership to Meet an Old Need

For #TBT this week, this post from almost exactly two years ago came to mind. The benefits of the St. George’s Bunkhouse continue to grow as we learn more and more about how to take advantage of this great space. Next month our the entire Class of 2019 will spend a couple of days there engaging with and learning more about their city and area, and they will look ahead to the contribution they will make to SGIS during their upcoming Senior Year.

Ross All Over the Map

JSt. George's Junior Alton Stovall, CEO of City Leadership John Carroll, yadayada, and Head of Serve901 Jeff Riddle gather to see and discuss the shared space at ADDRESS St. George’s Junior Alton Stovall, John Carroll/Executive Director City Leadership, Shelby Smith/City leadership, and Jeff Riddle/Coordinator of Serve901

[Last night we sent a letter to the St. George’s Independent School community about a new, and I think, unprecedented partnership with Serve901 to share space and to create service learning experiences for our students. Serve 901 is an initiative of Memphis’s City Leadership, which also supports the vibrant and successful Choose901 campaign. I will let the press release below describe the relationship; however, it is worth noting here that I believe that this sort of partnership is exactly the direction great schools should be going to best underpin their academic, athletic and other co-currcular programming. We are not just seeking to graduate students who know things…we are seeking to graduate students who make something valuable from knowledge and experience. We are not just charged to graduate students headed toward successful…

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One thought on “St. George’s and Serve901: A New Partnership to Meet an Old Need

  1. Ellie Shumaker February 7, 2018 / 10:41 am

    Sounds like a wonderful project!

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