From the South Asheville Cemetery to Thurburbo Maius #tbt

For this week’s #tbt , I thought of this one from 2012 as my memories of a special trip to Egypt and Tunisia in the summer before the Arab Spring came back to mind. Please excuse the formatting strangeness–I originally migrated this entry from another platform.

Ross All Over the Map

Vintage Postcard depiction of Asheville, North Carolina from Beaucatcher Ridge 

Just east of downtown Asheville, North Carolina the land rises steeply toward Beaucatcher Ridge and on its other side, as it falls away further east, is the Kenilworth neighborhood where my wife and I lived in the late nineties.  It is a lovely shaded place that, while not run down, had not yet been brought to the high sheen of gentrification, so often a potential in such places.  It was an eclectic mix of houses—as if the neighborhood had grown in fits and starts.  To the right of our ranch house on the uphill side of Kenilworth Road were hints of an old road or wagon path, which coursed back up toward the ridge and about 200 yards further on turned ninety degrees from west to south then continued along the contours of the land, neither gaining or losing altitude.  I…

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