A Brave Question: “Am I Worth Dying For?”

In recognition of Veterans Day, I am reposting something from the archives. Eleanor Roosevelt’s prayer still feels particularly relevant.

Ross All Over the Map

From Pearl Harbor looking toward the USS Arizona (Photograph: Ross Peters)

Dear Lord

Lest I continue

My complacent way

Help me to remember

Somehow out there

A man died for me today.

As long as there be war

Then I must

Ask and answer

Am I worth dying for?

–Prayer Eleanor Roosevelt kept in her wallet during WWII


My daughter dressed up as Eleanor Roosevelt at school one day this spring. She liked that they shared a first name, and when she got the assignment to research and dress up as an historical figure, her choice was easy. So I thought of both Eleanors when I walked past the plaque above during a visit to Pearl Harbor two weeks ago.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s prayer is placed along a walk that allows one views of the USS Arizona Memorial, and I almost missed it.  Coming from a family which includes two…

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One thought on “A Brave Question: “Am I Worth Dying For?”

  1. Margaret Peters November 11, 2016 / 2:45 pm

    One of your best posts ever. And has so much meaning for these troubled days. Love, Mom

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