Finally!–A Name for my Blog

I revisited this one this morning after someone asked me about the genesis of the title of this blog–ROSS ALL OVER THE MAP. I find that I am still aligned with the thinking here though I must admit that as I reread it, it felt new all over again.

Ross All Over the Map

Last week I finally gave my blog a name–Ross All Over The Map. Since starting it almost two months ago I have simply called it Ross’ Blog in part because giving it a real name might obligate me to keep it up for the long term and in part because I could not think of a title I liked.  To be frank I am uncertain I will stick to this title; however, I picked it because my interests are indeed “all over the map,” and my family and I have a desire to continue to travel–quite literally to go “all over the map.”

My wife’s scholarship, writing, and teaching has taken us on some wonderful adventures “all over the map.”  We had a great chance to travel abroad to North Africa for several weeks during the summer of 2010, and it was amazing the extent to which my…

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