21 July 2005: Cambridge, King’s Cross, The British Library, Tavistock Square, The British Museum, and the Long Cab Ride

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the London terrorist bombings of July 7, 2005. My wife, daughter, and I were in Cambridge that summer, and two weeks later, the second day of bombings, we were in London. Fortunately, that day the bombs didn’t detonate properly, for we, like so many others, were in London that day. It feels appropriate to reblog this piece that I wrote several years ago on this sad anniversary.

Ross All Over the Map

Our plan for the day was already logistically challenging…catch an early train from Cambridge to King’s Cross, London, drop our bags into secure storage there, head to The British Library to see the rare documents room, walk to The British Museum by way of Tavistock Square, return to King’s Cross by the same route, pick up our bags, catch a train to Gatwick, head to the hotel, wake up early for a flight back to the States. Whew!

…And all of this while pushing a stroller with a daughter who just turned two in it!

Parthenon Marble of the Lowing Heifer. Used with Permission from The British Library.

Two weeks earlier, July 7, 2005, my wife Katie had been taking her students on a chartered bus from Cambridge to The British Museum when they were turned around by a sign on the exit ramp that said—“London Closed.” At the very…

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