Favorite Museum….The Bardo–Tunis, Tunisia

Just now seeing the breaking news that the Bardo Museum has been part of a terrorist attack. So much has changed in Tunisia since our visit in 2010. Today we will send prayers for the victims, for this incredible museum, and for Tunisia.

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The Bardo in Tunis is my favorite museum not only for its vast collection of Roman Mosaics, but because my daughter and I had a great time there together on a very hot July day in 2010.  The first to arrive there in the morning, we had the place to ourselves for the first hour.  Because of a significant renovation underway, we were not able to see the entire collection, but what was there was more than enough to engage us without overwhelming us.  Some museums are so enormous—i.e., The British Museum and The Uffizi—that I can leave feeling a bit washed out…sensory overload.

The timing of our visit also is a factor in making it my favorite.  During the same trip to North Africa, we had the opportunity to see The Cairo Museum.  Given the subsequent Jasmine Spring in Egypt and…

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