“How would it be if we lived in that castle?”: A Five Year Old Films and Narrates

As we head into summer, I am ready to do some new exploring with my daughter who will turn 10 in July. We’ll make sure to do some filming if only so I can preserve her wonderful narration.

Ross All Over the Map

This growing up happens fast, no doubt.  Three summers ago my wife, daughter and I spent a month in Italy, mostly in a small Piedmont town called Vogogna, which backs up into the northern side of the Ossola Valley not too far from Domodossola.  Just this evening I found a video my daughter took one morning on our Flip Video camera as we took a hike up the mountain and found ourselves above the ruin of a thirteenth century fortress.

Eleanor and I have followed my wife’s coat-tails on a number of adventures—to England, to Italy, to Egypt, and to Tunisia.  This particular summer we were there because one of her co-authors for a textbook writing project for Oxford University Press has a summer home there.  While the writers wrote, Eleanor and I explored.  She was just days away from turning six, and she was up for anything.  Her imagination…

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